Friday, March 23, 2012

The Story...chapter three

The young family of four
moved into their cottage
and started to make it a home.
They painted, they remodeled the kitchen,
they redid the bathrooms added some new carpet,
rehung new windows,added new trim...let's just say that
there was NOT one room in the little cottage
that went untouched!

They loved their little cottage
on Walcott Street but
deep down in their hearts
was a desire to have a little
plot of land way out in the country.

One day last fall
the Lord blessed them with
the desire of their hearts...
a little plot of land way out in the country.
And, on this little plot of
land was an adorable country cottage.

Now, this family knew that
the Lord had blessed them
they were about to receive
an amazing and very unexpected blessing!


  1. It is so beautiful and just waiting to hear the rest of the story...Hugs

  2. I thought you had fallen off this earth. I had a "hiccup" with blogger and lost my followers, pics and posts. What a time that was. So happy to hear you got the cottage and sold the one in town. On our walks we see many homes we would love to have with lots of land. In time, in time.

    blessings, jilly

  3. Hi Nancy, Thanks for sending a package to me. I will be eager to see what it contains. The dolls will be a very nice keepsake.
    Maria is loving Bozeman. We are praying for a good job for her and for a nice, inexpensive place to live. She has so many friends there and David's cousin, Jeannie and her family are so good to her. She is getting involved in the church she attended when she was in Bible college and is loving the variety of ministries available.
    I'm so glad you have some great buyers for your house. What a good feeling to turn it over to someone who will love it too. I like to see what your pin on Pinterest. The new place will look terrific!

  4. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!


  5. Nancy, thanks so much for the package. I am terrible about making phone calls, so I thought I should at last send a quick note. The dolls are in a cabinet, so they won't get dusty. I can remember having the larger doll in my room as a child, but I don't remember the smaller one. Thank for a nice memory. I will ask David to build a frame for the Thanksgiving photo. I hope your spring is warm and productive.............Denise

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    The Story...chapter three
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  8. Missing you, have a blessed day

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  10. How is your unpacking coming :-)

  11. Please come back, we need to hear the rest of the story!
    Miss you.