Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Fine Tuesday Morning

Hello bloggy friends!
How are you this fine Tuesday morning?

It is such a nice fall day and I would
love to make some chili,
I have made the same recipe for years
that's what the girls loved
come to find out
it is not a favorite of the cute engineer.

So, here is where you all come in.
If you have a yummy chili recipe
and you are willing to share it.
Please let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Have a great day!



  1. Would he like one with venison??? Mr. Wonderful makes a "mean" venison chili. Hot to this wimpy mouth.


  2. Hi friend,
    I'm afraid I'm like you...on the hunt for a good one! So I'm going to beg for the winning recipe from you! :0) My hubby LOVES Wendy's chili...go figure...I'm going to check back with you for updates!

  3. Hi Nancy, I have just spent a lovely half an hour reading all your posts from the beginning! I feel I have gotten to know a kind, generous, woman who loves God, a little bit better. Thanks.

  4. Hi Nancy, I've had a hard time emailing you, it comes back? So, I tried one more time from the email link on your profile page so let me know if you got it, it's about the Christmas apron swap you signed up for. Thanks, Sue

  5. Nancy, I wonder if Grandma Dee could come up with a chile he likes. She seems to be the ultimate resource for Mexican food.

  6. Nancy, I just sent you an e-mail with the recipe you asked me for months ago. Sorry for the delay. I would love to be in the kitchen with you. Blessings, Julie

  7. Hi Nancy! I just dropped on over because I noticed that you are following my little blog. Then I see that you are a) a Christian, b) live in Michigan and c) you own a Scotty!!!!! Same as me except I was born in Michigan and ended up in California! You even have one of my bestest friend's blog linked (SCDreams!)

    Have a blessed sunday!!!