Monday, December 27, 2010


How have you been?
Did you enjoy Christmas?
I really hope so!

Our Christmas was delightful!!!
We spent time together as a family,
we played games, went to church,
watched some old movies,
ate some yummy food,
opened gifts, read,
played some more games...
I could go on and on.

God was so good to us during this time
and gave us plenty of
Christmas treasures to tuck away!
I am so blessed!!!

Sometimes, I just pinch myself
to see if I am dreaming!
Nope, not dreaming
Blessings are abundant
here at the cottage!

I am so thankful!

I took a little
blogging break!
Our internet went out for awhile
and while waiting
(not so patiently)
for it to be fixed
I discovered a few things.

First, I discovered that I was
becoming an internet/blog busy body.
and who wants to be
an internet/blog busy body?
Not me!

Second, I discovered that I spent
more time on this ole computer
than I really thought I did.

Third, I discovered that
hanging out with my family
and friends is simply

So, with all these discoveries I have
decided to take another break.
At least until Jen goes back to school
and the cute engineer is back at work.

See ya then!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Treasures...two

The next Christmas treasure
came as a birthday surprise!

A few years back Katie
(my first born)
had the opportunity to
study abroad in Israel
for a semester.
She came home bearing gifts,
but there was one gift she kept secret
until my birthday.

Now, there is a story here
that is just precious to me
and probably only me
but I am going to bore you all with it anyway. Ha!
You see, Katie LOVES to surprise people!
My birthday is in the fall and
we had just visited her at school
not to long before my birthday.
So, not for one minute did I think she
would even try to come home for my birthday.

Boy was I WRONG!

I woke up that morning
thinking the cute engineer was
going to take me out for breakfast.
(which he did)
Before, I could even put my feet on
the floor the bedroom door
flung open and in
came Katie sporting
the biggest ole smile on her face.
Yes, I began to cry
(cuz that is what this sentimental momma does when surprised)
Katie had come home sometime in the
middle of the night!
See, I told you she likes to surprise people.
She had yet another surprise for
this momma.
One she had kept a secret for months.
She gave me a box
and exclaimed that it was an early
Christmas gift
"that I would want to open early"
I opened the box and in it was the
most beautiful nativity set
I had ever seen!

She had brought it back from Israel.

I just love it!!!

Like I said before
this is not a treasure because it is a material treasure.
It's a treasure because my sweet girl
put so much thought and
effort into the

What are some of your Christmas treasures?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Treasures

As I began to unpack the
Christmas boxes
I found myself pondering
many of the memories that are tied to
our Christmas treasures.

(Slowed me down for a while)

As I pondered, I found that many of these
memories filled my heart with
comfort, joy and even a giggle or two!
So, I thought I might show you a few
and tell you some of the stories behind
my Christmas treasures!

Twenty three years ago
the cute engineer received temporary orders
to New London CT.
We knew we would only be there three months
so, we did not move all of our things.
We rented a very cute little house
that was furnished with a bit of this
and a bit of that.

One day during the holiday season
the cute engineer came home with
four, three piece place settings of
Christmas dishes.
I was giddy.
Since then he has added to this collection
every Christmas.

One year he was on a trip to the UK
and hand carried this
beautiful covered veggie dish back.
I can still see his shy grin as he
gave the girls their gifts
and then pulled
out mine.

All three of us were delighted with each of our gifts
and thought
(still do) that he had hung the moon.

I do cherish these dishes not because
I have beautiful Christmas dishes
but because
they came from the heart
of a man who has walked beside me
for more than half my life.

More Christmas treasures to come
Have a lovely evening!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tonight Is The Night!

Tonight is the night!

I have been wanting to see
Wicked for a
long time.

Last month for my birthday
the cute engineer bought tickets
tonight is the night.


Enjoy your evening!