Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's What's For Dinner


It's what's for dinner!
If you have never had one of these
juicy, greasy burgers
I recommend you RUN
not walk
but RUN
to a local Smashburger
They are sooooo not good for you
(if you know what I mean)
sooooo YUMMY!!!

Enjoy your evening


Friday, August 26, 2011

The Plan

A few months back
my very talented SIL
who blogs here
sewed up the CUTEST owl pillows!
When Jen saw those cuties
her mind went into overdrive
and a plan was hatched.

The Plan

Jen: Mommy (that's what she calls me when she wants something)
 would you make an owl pillow for me?
Mom (me): I would love to!

A few hours later.....

Jen: Mommy, (insert sweet smile and many compliments)
Would you make some for my friends as well?
Mom (me): ARE YOU KIDDING ME....

Jen and I sat down and got BUSY

Are they not the cutest little owls!!!!!
Each one has found its new home
and I have been told they are quite happy.

Enjoy your week end!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early Summer Sewing

Early this summer
The rhythm of my sewing machine
was often heard into the wee hours of the morning.
I managed to finish three quilt tops
and start two more.
One of the tops is still at the quilter
but I wanted to share
the other two with you!

This one was made for my
very sweet and wonderful

That's her behind the quilt, Ha!.
She LOVES blues and purples
and put this in her bedroom
where it really popped next to
her blue painted wall.

The next quilt is so very special to me.
Last may my BFF, Julie
came for a visit
visit we did!!!

We had so much fun.

After she left I found
a brown paper bag from
our local quilt store
filled to the brim with fabric picked out to make this...

It's pink and girly!
and every time I see it
I am reminded of our very sweet visit.

Thanks Julie!

The last top I made is for
the cute engineer
So, when that gets back
I'll show y'all a pic

did you hear that?

Mrs. B (my sewing machine) is
calling my name.
She is such a sweet little thing!
and loves some quality time!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Slow Down Begins

Last night as I climbed in bed
I was overwhelmed with
gratitude for my
busy summer!

It was the summer of constant motion...
the summer of working
the summer of going
the summer of doing
the summer of giving
the summer of investing

And all the while,
 the Lord was speaking this into my heart.

Be still and know I am God

I have never in my life been on the go
like I was this summer
and while I was TIRED
my heart knew a peace
that could only come from my Father.

I love that about Him!

Life is now in slow down mode
for which I am thankful.

Katie had many changes this summer
and is now settled in her new town,
with her new roommates.
She is so happy!!!

Jen is also settled back at school
in her new dorm
with a new roommate.
She too is very happy!

The cute engineer and I are
adjusting to the empty nest (again)
and we too are happy!

If your life is in
a state of constant motion
 let your heart be still
and know He is God!

Your journey will be AMAZING!

Have a very lovely day


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Excellent Montana Adventure in Pictures

WARNING.....lots of pictures

Hi all!

We are back from our excellent
Montana adventure!
and have entered the
excellent moving children adventure!

Kate is moving about an hour north of us
and Jen is packing her bags
getting ready to head back to Liberty.

Sooooo, for the next few weeks things
at the cottage will be turned up side down
and maybe inside out.

 I will be back for a much needed visit
after we get Kate moved and settled 
  Jen is back at school.

In the mean time
here are a few pics from
our excellent Montana adventure

Some of our family


An early morning walk along the Yellowstone River

Just a few shots of Glacier National Park

Picking cherries along Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake

Hope you enjoyed a very
small view of the
"Big Sky State"

Take care