Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Amazing Winter Wonderland Kind of Day

Yesterday was one of those
amazing winter wonderland kind of days.

I got up early with the cute engineer
and took a walk through the woods.
The scenery took my breath away
It was so beautiful.

So, later that morning after the sun came up
Libby and I went for another walk
around the woods
and this time I brought my camera.

Libby, you be the leader

Any one up for a picnic?

I can see the cottage

Hope you have an amazing day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Working Together


How was your week end?
Ours was


The cute engineer and I
spent part of Saturday
stacking wood.

That little stack took


we feel like we didn't even
make a dent in the pile

Why did we move and stack wood?


We wanted to crank up the wood stove
to see if it really would heat the cottage 

Of course our little gardening buddy
was there to help...


She was put in
Scottie Jail
for visiting the house
across the street without permission.

We rang in the new year
watching Band of Brothers
with Jen

We woke up on Monday
 with a little snow on the ground.
Let me tell ya...
It is

B E A U T I F U L!!!

Thanks to
 our little stove in the woods
 the cottage is toasty warm! 

I've been pondering the past year
and wondering about the changes that will come
with the new year.

I am so thankful
that our
is the same God of yesterday
the same God  today
and will be the same God  tomorrow!

Have a great day