Thursday, June 9, 2011


The last couple of weeks have
been such a blessing!

Our weather has warmed up
and came with
of humidity!
( Icky and Sticky)
I pulled out the
garden gloves, put on a tank top and got busy!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to work out in the garden!!!
It brings such a peace to this weary ole soul.
The Lord and I have such wonderful conversations together.
Such a blessing I tell you, such a blessing.

The roses are really starting to bloom!

When the day gets to warm and the humidity
has frizzed my hair into a hot mess
I head into the basement
also known as my sewing room.....

Here's a little peek at the latest

It's for the cute engineer
Only he doesn't know it yet


I've also been blessed by spending
 some time with Jen.
We're taking a quilting class together
and having sew much fun ;)
She is making the cutest quilt!
I will take some pics when she
starts to piece it together.

Other than that.....
 not much else is going on.

How about you?
What's going on with y'all?

Have a sweet and wonderful evening!



  1. Busy with a bit of gardening, working for our CSA, and just general spring/summer stuff. With the great weather we have had, all the laundry has been line dried!
    Your roses look beautiful!

  2. Putting together a mile long list of "necessary" stuff for our camping vacation. More a test for me to see what I really can live without once we hit the open road. This city girl seriously thinks hotels are the way too go. My head is spinning from all the stuff needed. Camping is seriously hard work:-)

    Lovely roses. I too enjoyed long conversations with God while gardening.

    blessings, jilly

  3. Hi's our turn to freeze now! Good weather for sewing and hot drinks though..lots of socialising in various cafes around town. Your new quilt looks very masculine..just right for the Cute Engineer!

  4. Our pastor's family went to NY for his father's funeral. They got home last night. Kevin said the midwest was horribly hot and then Montana was cold. They had no AC in their vehicle, but it wasn't an issue when they got to Montana.
    Can't wait to see Jen's quilt.
    Maria has come up with some new plans for summer and winter. She is considering going to Kenya with her good friend, Eli, and his girlfriend in Aug. She may work at a missionary retreat center in Hawaii Dec., Jan. and Feb. Typical for her age, she changes her mind often.

  5. You are a busy bee and such nice things to be busy about, love your quilt too, those roses are a prize for sure, hugs my friend, be blessed, Barbara ♥