Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Story...chapter two

Now... while Bryan and Krista were
happily growing up in the Midwest
there was a young family of four who
lived on the east coast.

The daddy was a submarine officer and
the mommy stayed home with her
two sweet baby girls.

The daddy really liked being a submarine officer
and worked really (REALLY) hard.
His job would keep him away from home
much of the time.
When he was out at sea he
 would miss his girls so very much!

He made the decision to
resign his commission with the Navy,
talking a job with a company in southwest Michigan
(of all places)

Let's just say the mommy of said young family
wasn't very happy as she wanted to move
back to Montana the place her and the daddy once called home.
Or atleast back to the south
 because it's warm down there.

On the day they arrived in their new town
 it was cold, windy and SNOWING

They got right down to buisness looking for a new home
keeping in mind that one of the little girls
wanted a pink room.

They found a cute little cottage 
 in need of some T L C
a pink room!


  1. I love hearing life stories-thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a great afternoon.