Monday, January 17, 2011

Plea Bargain

A plea bargain has been made!
God is sooo GOOD!
Let me explain...

On April 8 of 2010
a close family friend was on
his way to work
when his car was hijacked.
Tom was forced at gun point to drive
to another town.
They stopped at a gas station.
From what we understand
Tom told the hijacker to
just take the truck.
This did not sit well
with the hijacker
(he didn't know how to drive a stick shift)
Tom then made the decision to try
and get out.
He was shot.
Tom made it into the station
911 was called
Tom did not live.

We, his family and friends
are so thankful for
this day!

The hijacker has
pleaded to
2nd degree murder
and will receive 40-65 years
without the possibility of parole.
He will be sentenced in Feb.

God has never left our
sides through this trial.
We have been the recipients of
compassion, love, kindness,
strength, gentleness, support...
we have cried our fair share of tears
and asked "why"
more than once.
God has been faithful
and met us where were.
One night, while looking
at old pics and reflecting on the memories
we had the sweet blessing
of laughter.
(Tom would have loved that!)
We also have learned
just how freeing
forgiveness is.

We still have days when sadness fills our hearts
and yes there are days when anger gets the better of us
Just being honest,
Let me tell you...
and I for one could not begin to imagine
walking through this with out Him!

"Not to us, O LORD,
not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness."

Psalm 115:1



  1. That is certainly good news about that man getting what he deserves.

    And you are so right. Healing can never happen without anger and tears.


  2. God is indeed so good. I am so glad you are all coming through this terrible experience and finding a few gems despite the horror. Isn't being a Christian a great thing...Jesus knows exactly what you all need to heal and your friend has obviously gone to be with Him..just a little sooner than expected. Your friend's family was so blessed to have an amazing group of friends around to support them too.

  3. Oh Nancy ~
    What a trail you all have endured!
    Glad it can be laid to rest now.

    You have a good and Godly day~Friend!

  4. Oh Nancy,
    What a horrible ordeal that so many have been through. The pain, the loss, the anger....and now perhaps there is closure. God is indeed good and praises that you never let your faith leave you. I have never been through anything like this so I honestly cannot begin to know how all involved feel. I can only imagine. My heart is thinking of you and your positive outlook on this and how you can forgive and go on. God bless all that have been touched by this true tragedy.

  5. What a terrible thing to have to go through and if it wasn't for God we could not deal with these kind of things that happen in our lives. God is Good and we have to put our trust and faith in him totally!
    Blessings as everyone continues to heal,