Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Great Cold and Gray Day


I don't know about you all
and all the wonderful places you live
but...here in SW Michigan it is
COLD!!! and GRAY!!!
and has been
COLD!!! and GRAY!!!
for awhile.
Because it has been
COLD!!! and GRAY!!!
I have done a lot of
cooking, reading, and cleaning.
Exciting, isn't it?

Today however, I shook things up
and ventured out and about town
and took you along for the ride!
Have I mentioned it has been
COLD!!! and GRAY!!!

First, I had breakfast with
some great friends.
This place makes the best cinnamon rolls!
(sorry Jen, next time your home we will go)

After breakfast
I stopped by the quilt store
(my home away from home)

and then I had to get some seeds for the birds
(they are eating us out of house and home)

Libby, my faithful gardening
buddy helped me feed them

It was so nice to get out
on this
COLD!!! AND GRAY!!! day
To my sweet surprise
I hopped on this ole blog
of mine tonight and
noticed a few new followers.

Thanks for stopping by!

I must say that you all
have left some of the kindest
comments and I
have been blessed!!!


all in all
it was a great day!



  1. I loved your pictures. You live in a beautiful city no matter what the weather conditions are like. (Of course, I think anywhere with trees is ideal.) What a clever idea to trace your steps with photos. I will have to give it a try. You have so many gray days that it's quite alright to be tired of them.
    We actually had beautiful weather today in the high 40s, which is good because there has been ice everywhere. Bubba and I even took a walk, which we both enjoyed.
    Looking forward to more pictures from your beautiful city!............Denise

  2. Even those cold and gray days can yield sweet rewards.

  3. Hi Nancy can't wait to see leaves on the trees can you? mmmtrip to quilt store sounds like a treat! jennyx

  4. Hi Nancy..I've just sent you an email. I love the photos of your lovely white snow. I used to live in Canberra and it got very grey and foggy but no snow..I think the snow is so beautiful and even if it is cold it is better than just cold and grey with no snow! I had a little laugh looking at the bird feeder's roof topped with snow too.

  5. Hi Nancy....it is a beautiful morning here in Southwest Tennessee. We got about 2 inches of beautiful white snow last night. The Sun is out and bright...the snow is melting and according to the weather report the next few days will seem like early Spring....in the 50's and lots of Sunshine! I am so excited!!!!!
    I love feeding our feathered friends too....which reminds me I am out of bird seed....got to go get some.
    Thanks for all your kind words and inspiration!


  6. hi nancy
    here in germany we have also cold and gray days
    your photos are fantastic.
    greetings from germany,

  7. Hi Nancy,
    It has been cold and gray here also.
    The Temps have been in the 20's which is unusually cold for us. But today it has been a bit warmer, in the 40's. That gives us fog.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post and seeing that you are busy and happy.
    Blessings from Donna

  8. Nancy,

    Lots of cold, grey and gloomy days here too. The birds are eating away here also. Love the pictures! Blessings and stay warm! oh, I almost forget.....the cinnamon roll...yummy!