Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Day In The Village

Yesterday, I took these two cute and amazing kids to
Greenfield Village.

Greenfield Village is a village created from bits of our American past.

You will find many of these roaming the streets.

Lots of wonderful garden areas.

The Firestone farm.

It was laundry day there today.

You could visit the Susquehanna Plantation.

Complete with a field of corn and tobacco.

You can go across the street and visit Cotswold Cottage and enjoy some tea.

Or what about the Robert Frost Home

Or the William Holmes McGuffey School.

Did any of you use the McGuffey reader in school?

This is really a very small sampling of all that is there.
For more info here is the address.

We had a great time and hope to get back soon to see the rest
and maybe even the museum.
The birds are singing and the sun is shining so I am off to play in my garden.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Oh my did you take me back in time, I have been to Greenfield Village a few times, went with the school and then when I was older, wow, Love that place, I loved where it showed Edison's room and inventions, such a great place to visit, I lived not too far from there when young.. Hugs and blessings

  2. Wow! What a great place to visit. Their corn is certainly taller than mine. (imagine that) Was that Jen and her boyfriend?
    I got the second coat painted on the south side of our house and my reward to myself is a little computer time....
    Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

  3. Hi Nancy, I went there a long time ago. You took fantastic pictures. It was like we could all be there with!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm

  4. What a wonderful place and great photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless You,

  5. Oh, how I lOVE living history museums! what a great day! Gosh, isn't it wonderful how they make you truly feel like you are there and back in time!??!
    I heard something sad today. The Roy Rogers Museum has closed and one of the big auction houses is selling everyting, including Trigger!
    I guess this made me think of it. SOOOOO happy to see things still being preserved and maintained and continuing. GREAT that ya'll went and supported their efforts. XO