Friday, June 11, 2010


Do you ever have days where you want to cry but don't know why?
Well, that is how I felt all week long.

This morning I woke up and wasn't really paying any
attention to the date UNTIL one of the girls
asked about something and I checked the calendar.

Today is June 11th my daddy's birthday.
He would have been 76 today.

When I realized the date I sat down to cozy up with a few of
the sweetest memories of my dad.

My dad was an early riser! I remember waking early and climbing
into his lap and drinking "milk coffee" with him.

I remember the Christmas he climbed on the roof and pretended to be Santa.
We (my sister and brother) were in the tub when we heard all the commotion and the hohoho.
By the time we got out and dressed Santa had come.
Best Christmas ever!

I remember being my dad's helper. We were always working on something.

I remember my dad going out on those really cold Montana winter mornings,
starting my car so that it would be warm and cozy when I got in to go to school.

I remember fishing with my dad. He always put the worm on my hook :)

I remember my dad's strong hands. There was a lot of love in those hands.

I remember the way my dad looked at my mom with such love.

I remember my dad calling...sometimes two or three times a day
just to say "Nanny Kay I love you!"

My dad had COPD. That disease took his life one breath at a time.

I learned from my dad to NEVER give up.

He fought right up to the end.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me .'
Philippians 4:13

That was daddy's verse.

I think maybe I will have to get a cake and have a piece in honor of dad of course ;) after all it is a celebration!


  1. There is nothing like a girl and her daddy. I have been praying for a few years now that the Lord would be so gentle when He takes my daddy. I know I will not always have him and I know that my life is what it is because of my daddy. When people would ask "If you were stranded on a desert island what would you want with you?" I would always (and still do!) say "My daddy! He can do anything!" Hugs to you sweet girl!

  2. What a wonderful, beautiful and inspiring legacy your Dad has given to you..and you have been so generous to hare it with us! May the Lord bless you today as you cherish those memories!
    In Him,

  3. Your tribute brought tears to my eyes. Funny thing, whenever I water my Virginia Creepers, I think of your dad mentioning that they like a lot of water. Odd the things that we remember...

  4. Hi Nancy, I was so touched by your tribute to your dad and it brought back alot of memories of things my dad did as I was growing up. I have found there are days or sometimes weeks when we feel like crying but don't know why-sometimes a good movie will allow us that outflow of tears. I'm glad you were able to reflect on a wonderful father. Hugs to you today.

  5. Lots of hugs my friend, I sure know how you feel, it happens to me on dear parents birthdays and anniversary, such precious memories,
    blessings my friend, Barbara