Friday, August 27, 2010

The only way to camp!

Being that we were going to be in VA. we thought
that maybe we would take a
little vacation.


this is how we vacationed...

It's called a yurt
and it is the only way to camp!

We would wake up in an air conditioned tent
(it was so hot in VA and humid!!!)
make some coffee, talk longs walks, admire the beautiful lake
pet the horses, be amused by the chickens
and take a few side trips.

What a fun way to vacation!



  1. How cool. I can't even imagine a quiet vacation like that. That's okay though, we're enjoying this stage of life.
    I have never seen a yurt except for photos. What a fun experience for you!

  2. Lucky you, getting some hatch chiles. I can remember that the smell of chiles being boiled, skinned and then frozen was one of the signs of fall during my later childhood. Enjoy.

  3. Hi Nancy, Love seeing this-I've heard of them but never seen a photo. This is my way to camp-I find I'm getting fussier as I age-the ground keeps getting harder and getting up at night to use the bathroom can be an issue as well. What a wonderful way to vacation; thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen