Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Special Delivery

This past Friday I heard the doorbell ring.
Excitement took over all logical thinking and
I raced up the basement stairs.


We were expecting a special delivery!
By the time I opened the door
that familiar brown truck was driving away.
Looking down, I scooped up the package, hurried inside
and tore open our special delivery.

Oooooh they smelled heavenly!
Now, to some this may be silly
but to us this special delivery brings
back tastes from our childhood.
Both of us spent some of our childhood
growing up in New Mexico and
we both love Mexican food!!!

So, with our mouths watering the cute engineer and
I began to wash, roast, peel and seed
our special delivery.

Carefully, we package this special treat
and put them in the freezer.
not all of them ended up in the freezer.

No sir-eeee

We had Green Chile Chicken Stew on the brain.
So out came the stew pot!

We chopped, we stewed, we tasted
we let our childhood memories flow.

What a sweet evening!
Thanks to a special delivery.



  1. My husband would love that, a friend give us some Jalapenos and he loves them in all things, I know you are happy, I can see you flaming from here, lol Hugs Barbara

  2. Great idea. I will have to remember to budget for some next year. Your house must have smelled heavenly!

  3. Hi Nancy,
    That is some delivery!! WOW! How fun to get those and then make those fabulous recipes! You are quite the cooks/chefs! Very impressed! Can't wait to hear what else you make!
    Hope you have a great week!