Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Doozy...is on it's way!

Good morning

How are you this fine
February day?

According to my
very own weather man
(AKA: the cute engineer)
we are in for a
of a snowstorm.

As my very own weatherman
was leaving for work
(at 5:30 am...who does that?)
he woke me up
so that I could get to the store early.

As it turns out the store
was fairly empty of
both people and
I guess everyone went
out last night to stock up!
I did manage to buy out the
rest of the grocery store
and now our cupboards are full.

let the baking commence!

Have a great day



  1. Good morning Nancy-well I don't know if it will encourage you at all but here in Colorado that snowstorm was supposed to hit us too and yesterday we woke up to a light snow and that was pretty much it. It was very very cold with some ice but not as bad as they thought. Today we are reading -7 right now but it looks pretty clear so maybe you won't get it as bad as expected. Whatever happens though stay inside and stay warm.
    Warm winter hugs,

  2. This one is missing us! I think we are getting mostly rain. Snuggle up and enjoy! Blessings!

  3. Are you northern or southern Michigan? I'm south of KC, KS about 45 min we are completely white as well. We are getting it too! It's a doozy as well. We have not had a snow like this in a long time. It's gonna be a long long time melting out of here, huh? Stay in, stay warm, and cook away! I put a roast in this am!

  4. Nancy, I wondered about you when I read the internet weather report this a.m. It mentioned Chicago, so I thought it was likely you might have some problems. Glad you were able to get some provisions.
    David recently used some of his profit sharing to get a generator for us, which I realize is pretty useless without a good supply of gasoline. I'm glad to have it in case we ever get one of those heavy, wet spring snow storms that breaks power poles.
    We're also looking for a nice, used wood stove for our garage. That would work for heat and cooking in an emergency.
    I have realized the importance of storing some water, so as we empty milk jugs, I will fill them with water with a little bleach for emergencies.
    Well, enough rambling....Keep us posted on the storm, please!............Denise

  5. If you're going to have to keep warm you may as well cook to get the heat going inside! I hope you are all ok...especially your husband having to go out early in the morning. Up north from here they are just starting to endure the biggest cyclone (hurricane) to reach Australia for nearly a century!

  6. No snow here today in West TN but.......Oh how we long for Spring weather!!

    Have a Blessed Day and stay Warm!!