Monday, May 9, 2011

Lovely Surprises

Yesterday was such a GRAND day!
full of lovely surprises.....
The cute engineer ticked off a few boxes
on the never ending honey do list.
Words can not express just
how giddy that made me!
He's a keeper!!!

My sweet girl....
had to work all week end
(she works the twelve hour night shift)
So, I really wasn't expecting to see her
She showed up with the

and a new rhododendron.

My other sweet girl was not suppose to get
home until today.....
I heard a door open and in
walked that sweet girl
with her beautiful smile
all her stuff

Simply put.....
It was the best mothers day I've ever had!!!!!

I hope all of you had a lovely day

As we celebrated this day
I thought of so many of you!
Mothers day can be a hard day for many.
Each circumstance is different
and I want you to know that I thought
about you all and prayed for you.

Enjoy your day



  1. Both daughters and lemon bars. It can't be beat.
    We worked on David's honey do list some on Saturday too. I'm starting to roll some primer on the sheeting he has done. We want to have the garage sheeted and insulated and heated by winter, so we'll have to stick with it.
    I'll bet Jen will want to catch up on her sleep. Maria is currently doing that too.
    Have a great week..........Denise

  2. You'll be floating on air with your girls around and yummy treats abounding! Have a great time with them all. The cushions for flood affected people venture is at an end..but I just want to thank you for all your generosity. You are a kind, sweet friend!