Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sweet Buzz of Excitement

Oh my goodness!!!!!
I am soooooooo
Today is the day.....
that THE VIG
(very important guest)
arrives at the cottage.
I can hardly contain the excitement!
I could hardly sleep last night!
I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to come!
 Sometimes a squeal just escapes from no where!
12:36 can't get here fast enough!

Julie, (THE VIG) and I have been friends
for over thirty years!
Time has brought us through
the thick and thin of life.
She is one of God's sweetest blessings!
I simply can not wait to.....
make some new memories.

Let the fun begin!!!!!



  1. I hope you'll have a great time with your dear friend!............Denise

  2. Sounds like a great adventure ahead.

  3. I hope you will have a sunny happy time with her while she visits!

  4. Our time together was wonderful! A million thanks to Nancy and "The Cute Engineer" for their kind hospitality. Look forward to time together again some day so we can pick up where we left off :)