Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Treasures

As I began to unpack the
Christmas boxes
I found myself pondering
many of the memories that are tied to
our Christmas treasures.

(Slowed me down for a while)

As I pondered, I found that many of these
memories filled my heart with
comfort, joy and even a giggle or two!
So, I thought I might show you a few
and tell you some of the stories behind
my Christmas treasures!

Twenty three years ago
the cute engineer received temporary orders
to New London CT.
We knew we would only be there three months
so, we did not move all of our things.
We rented a very cute little house
that was furnished with a bit of this
and a bit of that.

One day during the holiday season
the cute engineer came home with
four, three piece place settings of
Christmas dishes.
I was giddy.
Since then he has added to this collection
every Christmas.

One year he was on a trip to the UK
and hand carried this
beautiful covered veggie dish back.
I can still see his shy grin as he
gave the girls their gifts
and then pulled
out mine.

All three of us were delighted with each of our gifts
and thought
(still do) that he had hung the moon.

I do cherish these dishes not because
I have beautiful Christmas dishes
but because
they came from the heart
of a man who has walked beside me
for more than half my life.

More Christmas treasures to come
Have a lovely evening!



  1. that's really lovely! what treasures! jennyx

  2. Nancy, thank you for sharing. He is such a good husband and you have the most delightful attitude to everything he does. What a great example of being grateful for each other!

  3. THAT story makes me bawl with tender joy! Thank you for sharing it! That man of yours is definitely one to keep! ;0)

  4. Your husband was so sweet to get those for you! I love those Spode Christmas tree dishes and have had my eye on them for a few years. One of these days....