Monday, December 27, 2010


How have you been?
Did you enjoy Christmas?
I really hope so!

Our Christmas was delightful!!!
We spent time together as a family,
we played games, went to church,
watched some old movies,
ate some yummy food,
opened gifts, read,
played some more games...
I could go on and on.

God was so good to us during this time
and gave us plenty of
Christmas treasures to tuck away!
I am so blessed!!!

Sometimes, I just pinch myself
to see if I am dreaming!
Nope, not dreaming
Blessings are abundant
here at the cottage!

I am so thankful!

I took a little
blogging break!
Our internet went out for awhile
and while waiting
(not so patiently)
for it to be fixed
I discovered a few things.

First, I discovered that I was
becoming an internet/blog busy body.
and who wants to be
an internet/blog busy body?
Not me!

Second, I discovered that I spent
more time on this ole computer
than I really thought I did.

Third, I discovered that
hanging out with my family
and friends is simply

So, with all these discoveries I have
decided to take another break.
At least until Jen goes back to school
and the cute engineer is back at work.

See ya then!



  1. Hi Nancy, and yes we did have a wonderful Christmas, and looking forward to the new year, hope your day is filled with blessings, Hugs Barbara

  2. Hi Nancy, WE too had a delightful Christmas. I so understand the need for breaks from blogland and I pray you have an enjoyable time while Jen is still home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Hello Nancy! I too have been blessed with family and friends and many new treasures. I have had to cut down on the computer too...Facebook for me. Love your blog...Blessings!

  4. Hi Nancy, lovely to hear from you, I'm glad you've had a really good Christmas...take as long as you want to respond to the award. I don't think miss b has enough warm clothing going from a warm climate to a cold one, but I think she is with people who will know what she needs and so I think she will be hitting the shops...probably today!! A good excuse, isn't it! I am taking a wee break myself, til next week...just after New Year...I think we can become a little too attached to all of this. So Happy New Year, see you on about the 3rd of January...I love this time of year!!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    We were blessed, also. So many blessings we can't count them. Have a Good New Year.

  6. We had a very quiet Christmas, which is just what Mr. Wondefful and I needed. We watched lots of movies too.

    Happy to read your holiday was wonderful and that it will continue on longer. Blog breaks are good. I discovered during mine that I was pacing and very bored at times. I didn't realize how much I was on the computer. Should probably write it down, but that might be scary.

    Enjoy your time away from the computer.