Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tonight Is The Night!

Tonight is the night!

I have been wanting to see
Wicked for a
long time.

Last month for my birthday
the cute engineer bought tickets
tonight is the night.


Enjoy your evening!


  1. May you have a blast tonight. Enjoy the show, I hear its great.


  2. Hope you have a great time defying gravity!! jennyx

  3. Wow!! How fun is that! Lucky you! Can't wait to hear about it! Where do you have to drive to see it?

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I hope your enjoyed your play.
    The bathroom is done. What a cramped room to paint. Luckily I could get the ladder in the bathtub. The color turned out to be more of a peach than a tan, but I'm not going to repaint anytime soon. Maria and I found a nice manly plaid flannel for the curtain. After that is done, I will post pictures.
    Today we will start on Maria's room. It is painted a pale mint green, but she wants to paint it yellow. She has some really pretty curtains from World Market, so it should look really nice.
    I'm glad you're enjoying time with your girls. I'm sure happy to have mine home. She is a lot of help around the house.
    Have a terrific weekend........Denise