Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Treasures...two

The next Christmas treasure
came as a birthday surprise!

A few years back Katie
(my first born)
had the opportunity to
study abroad in Israel
for a semester.
She came home bearing gifts,
but there was one gift she kept secret
until my birthday.

Now, there is a story here
that is just precious to me
and probably only me
but I am going to bore you all with it anyway. Ha!
You see, Katie LOVES to surprise people!
My birthday is in the fall and
we had just visited her at school
not to long before my birthday.
So, not for one minute did I think she
would even try to come home for my birthday.

Boy was I WRONG!

I woke up that morning
thinking the cute engineer was
going to take me out for breakfast.
(which he did)
Before, I could even put my feet on
the floor the bedroom door
flung open and in
came Katie sporting
the biggest ole smile on her face.
Yes, I began to cry
(cuz that is what this sentimental momma does when surprised)
Katie had come home sometime in the
middle of the night!
See, I told you she likes to surprise people.
She had yet another surprise for
this momma.
One she had kept a secret for months.
She gave me a box
and exclaimed that it was an early
Christmas gift
"that I would want to open early"
I opened the box and in it was the
most beautiful nativity set
I had ever seen!

She had brought it back from Israel.

I just love it!!!

Like I said before
this is not a treasure because it is a material treasure.
It's a treasure because my sweet girl
put so much thought and
effort into the

What are some of your Christmas treasures?



  1. I love your nativity scene and the story behind it is wonderful! I have so many special Christmas treasures. My nativity too, is one my daughters bought me when they worked at Cracker Barrel. My Christmas Village is so special. I have so many friends who have bought pieces for me and they bring back so many memories. I have ornaments that my kids many treasures! Thanks for sharing....Blessings!

  2. Oh that is so special! How wonderful and precious. A momma knows how much that touches a heart. Thank you for sharing such a tender story...I just know you treasure that gift. I just love to share in others happy moments. That in itself is a gift!!

  3. I got your message and you warmed my heart on this very difficult evening. Thank you for caring and for taking the time to share kind words with me. I appreciate you so much even though our smiles have never met in person... What is better is that our hearts have met. ;0)

  4. I loved reading about Rich adding to your Christmas dishes every year.
    I have to remind David of the things I don't want every year...Ha! Such as, I have enough camo clothing and I don't want a shoulder holster.
    We received a lovely white bisque Nativity set when Jonny was quite small. Now that he is almost 10 and we have a mantle over the gas fireplace, I'm finally using it. What a treasure it is.
    Having our girl home for the season is the greatest treasure of all.

  5. Hi Nancy, I have just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger's Award because you are such a stylish blogger and have a beautiful site. Please come over and look at the Dec 20 post, before or after Christmas and find out how to accept this deserve it!