Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change Your Day

Good morning all!

Yesterday was one of
days where my heart and mind
were in a battle.
It came on the heels of a
very emotional anniversary of
my fathers death.
I was struggling with the
truth of my past
and the truth of what
God's Word says.
 I struggled
hour by hour
and sometimes
minute by minute.

God's truth won!

I have this little plaque
in my kitchen and I would
walk in there and read it
over and over and over.
This verse helped me to
focus on the victory
Christ has over sin.
I would really like to encourage any
of you who might be struggling with something today
to let the Word
fill your heart with truth.

It will change your day!



  1. Thank you dear Nancy for sharing His truth once again. It is hard when we've lost those important people in our lives and often would just like another day with them. Hugs to you sweet friend, find comfort in His arms.

  2. HI Nancy,
    So sorry to hear your heart is troubled. I have not had to deal YET with an anniversary of my dad's death. It was this past July so it's to come, but I can only imagine how sad you feel. I hope your heart has been eased. You are so faithful to go to the word for comfort. Guess what...I have that EXACT plaque in my kitchen as well! Great minds think alike! (Smile) Please write me at my email if you need to talk !
    I'll be praying for you!

  3. Thanks Nancy! I needed that encouragement today. How true, the Word is life to us..again, thanks. Blessings!

  4. Just proof that His Spirit is in you...I wouldn't expect any less from you! Anniversaries like this can just sneak up from behind sometimes and catch us off guard with their emotional impact. So glad you're ok now.

  5. Hi Nancy...

    I think we all have those kinds of days from time to time.... makes me wonder about those folks who don't know Jesus yet.... How do they weather the storms? I'm so glad focusing on God made your day easier.... always does, right? But, I admit, there are days when I have a hard time getting there.....

    Yeah, that was some serious hair, wasn't it??? HOLY cow. What in the dickens was I thinking? I think I was rebelling. My dad made my Mum whack my hair to about 1/2 inch all over when I was about 16 or so.... so I COULDN'T get it all teased out the way I liked it. Once I got married and on my own I could do whatever I wanted. I still like fluffy hair.........but not THAT big. :-)


  6. Isn't it wonderful that God's truth ALWAYS wins? But that does not keep Satan from trying so hard to get us to believe otherwise....all his lies. :(
    I am sorry you lost your daddy and was having a hard day.