Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Very Nice.....


I finished the binding!
I love to put on binding
I find it to be quite relaxing.

As I finished up
I showed the cute engineer.....
before I go any further let
me say this.....
you have truly received a heart felt
 compliment from the cute engineer
if these two words are used together
very and nice

This is how it went.....

me: I finished, what do you think?
cute engineer: That's a very nice...........


Christmas quilt.
me: Thank you


me again: You really think it looks like a Christmas quilt?

which led to a whole different kind of conversation.

So, cute engineer.....if you are reading this today
I think you are very nice!!!!!
Love you lots

Hope you all are having a great day!



  1. It is a stunning non-Christmas quilt. He may have inherited the brains, but I guess I can recognize color combinations!

  2. That is a beauty!! Love it! I am putting the binding on my quilted table runner this afternoon. It is my first so things are not going so smoothly. But I have high hopes that someday I can also say it is a favorite. :)

  3. Hi Sweet friend, I love, mean really love, this quilt. I don't think it looks like Christmas-just very vintage and feminine.
    Great job. You make me want to go start a new project-oh wait I do have one I need to start searching for fabric & pattern for.
    Hugs today.

  4. That's a stunning quilt. I love the way you coordinated the colours. Thanks for following me ;-)

  5. That is so funny..what a typical man conversation regarding any type of craft! I love your new 'Christmas' quilt..that border of big red flowers is especially delicious.

  6. Nancy, your comment blessed me tremendously.
    Do you have a way to get crab apples in your area? Crabapple butter is made like applebutter only with more sugar added since those crabapples are so incredibly sour.
    I will pray that nothing interferes with your coming to Montana in the fall. What a wonderful time for a trip to the Rockies!

  7. It is SO beautiful, you are so clever, love the colours. Great to have visited your blog, Catherine x

  8. Oh I had such a good chuckle. I have quilted for MANY years. My husbands comment when I complete a project is always the same......I like the colors. Oh well, I guess a repeated comment is better than no comment at all!!!!!

  9. Nancy, You amaze me every time. I love this quilt (like all the others)! The only way this would be a "Christmas" Quilt is if you wrapped it up and put a big bow on it :) teehee teehee I am soooo excited to come and see you. Hope I won't talk your ear off. Love your BFF

  10. hi nancy
    i like your's really great and the color combination is a dream.
    have a wonderful weekend,
    love regina

  11. Nancy,
    I think it is VERY NICE as well! And in defense of the cute engineer, I can see a little where he thinks it's a LITTLE Christmasy. Take it as a compliment!
    AANNDD...when is the bedroom that houses that beautiful quilt available for a "Bed and Breakfast" visit! I love that looks so cozy and comfortable! Is it one of the girls?
    Have a great Monday,

  12. Your Quilt is just Gorgeous...well done on a Finish...
    ThankYou for visiting my blog it was Lovely to have...

  13. It's a beautiful quilt!!!! The colors would make it appropriate for use during the Christmas holidays, so I can see his point. Sweet man, I think you should keep him.