Monday, April 25, 2011

Mystery Solved

A few months back I had the
opportunity to attend a
"Mystery Quilt" retreat.
It was my first one but not the last
(I hope)

The mystery has been solved!

Have a wonderful day



  1. Gorgeous. What an interesting pattern. Hope you had a happy Easter.

  2. Very pretty..looks like a real heirloom quilt. I have written a bit more about Anzac Day on my blog there are probably others around the world wondering what on earth the Aussies are celebrating!

  3. Very pretty, looks like some my grandma used to make, they are lovely indeed.

  4. Hi friend...
    Okay fill me in... what in the world is a Mystery Quilt retreat??? This is coming from your blog buddy who is in COMPLETE admiration of your talents but is COMPLETELY untalented in quilting! HA
    I'm so impressed...I love the colors.
    You are amazing! Smile!

  5. Oh so pretty! I went to my first one last summer. It was a lot of fun. I was a bit worried that I would invest all that time and money into it and really dislike it....but turns out....I really like it! :) Love the colors you used as well.