Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Excellent Montana Adventure in Pictures

WARNING.....lots of pictures

Hi all!

We are back from our excellent
Montana adventure!
and have entered the
excellent moving children adventure!

Kate is moving about an hour north of us
and Jen is packing her bags
getting ready to head back to Liberty.

Sooooo, for the next few weeks things
at the cottage will be turned up side down
and maybe inside out.

 I will be back for a much needed visit
after we get Kate moved and settled 
  Jen is back at school.

In the mean time
here are a few pics from
our excellent Montana adventure

Some of our family


An early morning walk along the Yellowstone River

Just a few shots of Glacier National Park

Picking cherries along Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake

Hope you enjoyed a very
small view of the
"Big Sky State"

Take care



  1. I have been waiting for these pictures. It looks like you did a lot of fun things on your vacation. I was surprised to see how foggy it was at Glacier Park that day.
    It sounds like life will be busy for awhile for you.
    We're sure glad we got to see you this summer...............Denise

  2. I loved seeing these photos looks like an amazing place to have a holiday. Thanks for your kind wishes too!

  3. I visited Montana as a toddler with my parents on vacation out west and have always wanted to go back as an adult. It must have been spectacular to have left such vivid memories at such an early age of 3 1/2. Vacation with family builds strong bonds for the future.
    Gmama Jane

  4. Oh my that sunset was gorgeous!!!!! I loved the river must have had so much fun on your trip! My Momma lived in Montana as a young girl. We have driven through it 2 times going to Alaska. It is beautiful!

    Hugs to your day sweet friend, Linda