Friday, August 26, 2011

The Plan

A few months back
my very talented SIL
who blogs here
sewed up the CUTEST owl pillows!
When Jen saw those cuties
her mind went into overdrive
and a plan was hatched.

The Plan

Jen: Mommy (that's what she calls me when she wants something)
 would you make an owl pillow for me?
Mom (me): I would love to!

A few hours later.....

Jen: Mommy, (insert sweet smile and many compliments)
Would you make some for my friends as well?
Mom (me): ARE YOU KIDDING ME....

Jen and I sat down and got BUSY

Are they not the cutest little owls!!!!!
Each one has found its new home
and I have been told they are quite happy.

Enjoy your week end!



  1. Nancy, What a thrill to see 5 owls lined up on the back of your couch. I love them!
    I still need to sew one for my niece, Lori, but I will wait till the weather cools a bit.
    Maria and I got brown paint for the kitchen walls, white paint for the ceiling and trim, Kilz, mud, caulking for the cracks, wallpaper paste remover, tsp and blue tape. Whew!
    We'll start scrubbing walls today.
    I'll be sure to show the owls to Maria!...............Denise

  2. Oh Nancy they are so cute, yes you did a great job for your mom and her friends, now you need to send all your blogging friends one, giggles, have a great day my friend, and very blessed weekend.♥

    I may have to make some of those myself!!
    Blessings to you, Donna

  4. Oh, they are ADORABLE!! I want one too! :D I HAVE to find me an Owl Template to copy. I want one...:D

  5. These are adorable!You did such a great job putting colors and patterns together. Your daughter (and her lucky friends!) must be so happy:>)

  6. What an awesome mommy you are! She and her friends are very blessed little girls. These are so cute!

  7. Hi Nancy..that is quite the prettiest owly line up I've seen lately..I am so glad they've all found good homes now too!

  8. these are absolutely the cutest pillows! This reminds me of how our family would make presents for each other when I was a girl. There was a huge flurry of sewing and crafting going on at our house in December. I still have some of those little handmade gifts and treasure them.

  9. They are definitely the cutest owls - especially the one with the zebra print!