Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Slow Down Begins

Last night as I climbed in bed
I was overwhelmed with
gratitude for my
busy summer!

It was the summer of constant motion...
the summer of working
the summer of going
the summer of doing
the summer of giving
the summer of investing

And all the while,
 the Lord was speaking this into my heart.

Be still and know I am God

I have never in my life been on the go
like I was this summer
and while I was TIRED
my heart knew a peace
that could only come from my Father.

I love that about Him!

Life is now in slow down mode
for which I am thankful.

Katie had many changes this summer
and is now settled in her new town,
with her new roommates.
She is so happy!!!

Jen is also settled back at school
in her new dorm
with a new roommate.
She too is very happy!

The cute engineer and I are
adjusting to the empty nest (again)
and we too are happy!

If your life is in
a state of constant motion
 let your heart be still
and know He is God!

Your journey will be AMAZING!

Have a very lovely day



  1. So glad to hear from you again. The picture is beautiful and peaceful.
    My summer was a slower than usual since I had a smaller garden and was sick for several weeks. Things are improving. I've been buying Hutterite vegetables and canning and I'm feeling better.
    Maria and I will be buying some paint later on this week and we will begin the process of patching cracks, scrubbing off wallpaper paste, priming and painting. Whew...
    Bless you this week...........Denise

  2. Hi Nancy, Glad things are slowing down for you; I know you'll adjust to the empty nest soon. Hope you have an enjoyable evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. Believe it or not, my kitchen will be a yummy shade of brown with a white ceiling. I'm so glad Maria is going to be here to help.
    I went to Athena's blog yesterday and downloaded several free books for Kindle she suggested. You can find her in my blog list under "Our Crazy Life".

  4. Oh I do love that picture, we were at the water today, my dh was using his net to catch shrimp, and I fished a bit, did not catch any but he got about 5 pounds of shrimp, that will be good bait, they will be coming in good in about another week or so, but these are good bait shrimp now, have a great day, and yeah I do stay busy, and I have to stop and listen to what God is telling me, you have a great evening and be blessed, empty nest is a good thing, for the most part.

  5. Hi Nancy, sounds like you've had a fantastic summer and autumn coming up is a good time to slow down a bit and get into all those things that we put on hold through the hot months. I'm glad your girls are settled in their own places again and you and the mister have some time to yourselves again. I think He has been spoiling us both lately...life can be delightful!