Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early Summer Sewing

Early this summer
The rhythm of my sewing machine
was often heard into the wee hours of the morning.
I managed to finish three quilt tops
and start two more.
One of the tops is still at the quilter
but I wanted to share
the other two with you!

This one was made for my
very sweet and wonderful

That's her behind the quilt, Ha!.
She LOVES blues and purples
and put this in her bedroom
where it really popped next to
her blue painted wall.

The next quilt is so very special to me.
Last may my BFF, Julie
came for a visit
visit we did!!!

We had so much fun.

After she left I found
a brown paper bag from
our local quilt store
filled to the brim with fabric picked out to make this...

It's pink and girly!
and every time I see it
I am reminded of our very sweet visit.

Thanks Julie!

The last top I made is for
the cute engineer
So, when that gets back
I'll show y'all a pic

did you hear that?

Mrs. B (my sewing machine) is
calling my name.
She is such a sweet little thing!
and loves some quality time!

Hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Hi and Miss B have been hard at work creating these beautiful quilts. They are both wonderful!

  2. Nancy, I'm so glad you're able to post more frequently. I love the cool tones in Dee's quilt and the pinks in the girlie one.
    I never thought of naming my sewing machine. I'll have to give it some thought....My pistol is named Lucille though.
    I'm eager to see what patterns and colors appealed to my brother!
    We got up early and did Jonny's tree watering job in the country. It takes about 1.5 hours and it's much better to do it when it's cooler. We're going to GF tomorrow and he will buy a nice set of Legos with his earnings. Perhaps his uncle can build with him again one day. Oh, he wants you to know it's a truck, a trailer and a huge boat.

  3. Nancy, your quilts are so beautiful! Glad to know your girls are settling in and doing well. It is hard when they go away, isn't it?
    Be sure to stop by, I'm having a giveaway at Garden of Daisies.