Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Day Like No Other

Today was such a difficult day.
I have one of the sweetest neighbors ever! She had been on vacation with her granddaughter and was due to come home today. She made it safely only to be told that her only son was the victim of a car-jacking this morning while on his way to work. He was shot and died shortly after that. We are all still in a state of shock to say the least. My neighbor is doing pretty well under the circumstances, but she and her family could use your prayers please! I am going to boldly say that the young man who did this could use your prayers as well as his family. My family could use your prayers as we are standing in until her daughter gets here sometime tomorrow and will continue to do what ever they need. I know the Lord is not surprised by what happened today and I find such peace in knowing that His ways are not my ways and that His unfailing love is our comfort!
Thank you


  1. My heart aches for you neighbor. I'm brought to tears just trying to imagine what she must be feeling right now. I'm SO sorry. So many unanswered questions. I pray that God's Love and Grace will comfort her now and always. Bless her heart. Her life is forever changed. I pray that somehow she will be able to use this at some point to make something constructive come out of this terrible circumstance. Praying...HUGS, HUGS, HUGS.

  2. Nancy~I just covered you all in my prayers this morning!
    Boy~you just never know what a day we hold. Without the Lord ~we just could not make it.
    Life is hard but God is good.
    I pray God will give you wisdom and strength to be all you need to be today!
    Isaiah 41:10
    Thoughts & Prayers~

  3. Oh Nancy, how horrible. I will be praying during this difficult time. I am reminded of that which is intended as evil, God will use for good.

  4. How awful! Your neighbor is in my prayers.


  5. I came across your blog and saw the need of prayer. I can feel what the family is going through as my Dad was murdered several years back. It becomes a total shocked until you can eventually let the Lord help you. Right now that family needs love and prayers. Will be praying.