Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wanna Be

The other day my sweet hubby called on his way home from work with news that he had a surprise for me. Well...not just for me but all of us. Now I LOVE a surprise and couldn't wait for him to get home! About ten minutes later he walked in holding (carefully) an egg carton and in this carton were the most beautiful farm eggs. You would have thought it was Christmas time...
I was excited!
A really great guy Rich works with brought them in to him. They had been gathered that morning. Now, ya'all might be saying come on eggs.
Let me tell ya I am a farmgirl wanna be!
I would love to have a little plot of land out in the country with a great old farm house, all kinds of farm animals, a nice space for a garden and of course flower beds galour!
Rich on the other hand is a condo dweller wanna be.
So, a comprimise was struck. We live in a cute little house with room for a fiesty scottie dog, a few flower beds and a couple raised beds for veggies!
Life is good!
Have a terrific week end.

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  1. Until folks have eaten a truly fresh yard egg, they just don't know what they are missing, do they!??! I have chickens and when I first got them was giving away eggs left and right! so many! Well, after the very first chicken episode of getting all roosters! (see a posting from a few days ago...) They make the best cakes, the yolks are more orangey and rich. Glad that you have a source for them! I love the fact that our chickens eat all the leftovers, old bread & cereal, veg. cuttings, I'm cooking. It's great! NOTHING goes to waste around here...