Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What do you do when you get home from Bible study and there is a chill in the air?


We have a lovely cup of coffee, roasted by none other than my cute hubby. A few years ago Rich learned to roast his own coffee beans and let me tell has some sweet benefits! So on this chilly night I am thankful for a sweet cup of coffee.


  1. Hi
    My mom doesnt drink coffe but she does enjoy a nice cold glass of tea after she gets home. What kind of BS do you go to? She goes to a Bible study Fellowship group.


  2. I'm honored and thrilled you will be doing a THANKFUL THURSDAY and I look forward to it!! This cup of coffee thing looks so good!!! Envious of your hubby's talent! :) It was quite the thunderstorms in east Kansas last night....all night...sun is peeking out now for possible round two of them today. Rain is good and God knows what we need!!

  3. Isn't home roasted the BEST? It's all I do anymore. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your home must smell so wonderful! Who needs those cappucino candles?!?! You've got your own coffeehouse! wow! Your husband is amazing like mine! There's a butterfly outside my window just now...
    I wanted to tell you, anytime you and your hubby would like to come down, you are welcome here. We have a little guest house, it's nothing fancy, but very comfortable and right near the beach... Perhaps this winter if you'd like to get away for up to a week.... You'd fly into jacksonville, FL. 30 min. s. of here.