Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello one and all. I would like you to meet my gardening buddy, Libby. Libby is all about helping in the garden. The other day was one of those perfect days to get my fingernails dirty! I put on the old gardening shoes and out we went. Now, Libby is a great little helper. Digging is just one of her many talents and she wasted no time in finding the perfect spot to start the whole to no where. A great day was had by both of us, and we accomplished much, so I thought a nice warm, sudsy bath would be a great way to end the day. Libby had other plans, and let me tell ya a bath was not one of them. I hope you have been able to get out and enjoy the spring air.



  1. I just love Spring!!
    So do you and Libby!!
    Enjoy it all. (smile)

  2. I love those kind of helpers, I have myself, and she is always right there trying to help. She watches the chickens very closely, making sure they are where they need to be, in the pen. Have a great day and have fun in your garden.
    Hugs Barbara

  3. HA! Love it! What a cutie! I guess you saw where I had to give my pups a bath after their walk on the beach last week! lol Then the little one got a haircut. I began cutting a few matted places and by the time I finished, he looked like a poor little malnurished lamb! Well, it's true! He's all shaved for summer....
    Then yesterday the bigger one, Barnaby, FINALLY caught a rat snake on our deck. He's never actually caught one that I've known of. I was on the phone and my husband saw him out the window. He said, "Barnaby has a snake." I looked at him, looked out the window, "Well,,,,?" I think we were both in shock. I think he wanted me to go, sure was glad I was on an important phone call! Just glad he didn't bring that sucker through the doggie door! Oh, the dreaded thought....
    You just never know around here!
    Yes, the birds are singing here and I can feel God all around us. Magical!

  4. I wish our doofus Golden would sit by me when I'm working in the garden. Not Beau! He would take off, lickety split! He's a runner, that boy is! And he never looks back.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for stopping by my's nice to meet you!! I love your blog and that Libby is cute cute cute!! I can tell already we think a like after reading your fun and so inspiring. :0) Today I trimmed 9 rose bushes...ouch....spring is so beautiful but sure a lot of work, huh? I'll be back...come see me again...