Saturday, September 11, 2010

Changing Seasons

Since it has been fairly cool around the cottage
it put me in the mood to change a few things around here.

I pulled out the some of the fall decorations
bought a new candle
and have been enjoying the best pumpkin lattes.

I happen to love fall!

I am looking forward to...
Wednesday night at church with a room full of second graders
the trees changing colors
mums on my porch
picking apples
a good roaring fire

So thankful for the changing seasons
each and everyone of them.



  1. Lucky you. We can only dream of fall for the next few weeks. Love those Yankee candles!

  2. Oh my girlfriend!! You and I think alike!!! I just put FALL up in my house today too!! I'll try to blog too about it!! I had a blast....Lace and I hit Hobby Lobby and got a few things on sale for fun! And you just got me squirming for some new Yankee Candles!! I love love love yours burning in that picture! Ooooo it just warmed me up! LOVE it! Beautiful around your house!!

  3. P.S. Can I beg for your Pumpkin Latte recipe??? Email me if you want! :0)

  4. Your fall decore is beautiful. I love anything pumpkin. We had a lovely early fall day today. Welcome fall!