Friday, September 17, 2010

For The Love Of Plaid

A few years back the cute engineer and I were out shopping
and found some plaid Christmas dishes.
Now, we are suckers for anything plaid
and so we naturally had to buy a few pieces.

A few years later we wanted to add
to our small collection


they had been discontinued :(
Not one dish to be found.

Fast forward to last week
Again, that lovely brown truck
paid us a visit.
Now, I knew I hadn't ordered anything
and I also know that the cute engineer will
from time to time have work
related things delivered to our home.
So, I paid no attention to that little brown box.


the cute engineer opened it up
pulling out
none other than
two cups and two bowls
of our lovely plaid Christmas dishes.
What a wonderful surprise!
So, tonight you have found us
with the pumpkin candles burning,
a movie playing on netflix
and two plaid cups of
pumpkin lattes!


Have a great week end!



  1. I like your plaid dishes. Did you know that my husband isn't crazy about plaids and overrules me when I want to bring something plaid to our house? Oh well....
    He left on his hunting trip this morning, hoping to bring an elk home for us.
    Jonny and I are going to Great Falls today for our monthly two shopping carts of groceries.
    I hope your weekend includes a trip to the farmers market.

  2. I love those dishes!!! How pretty!! What is the pattern...I'll keep my eye out! I think that is so wonderful that that surprise came!! Sweet sweet sweet!!

  3. I like the plaid, but the mention of pumpkin has got me wanting pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and my favorite, pumpkin pancakes.

    So glad fall is coming. Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    blessings, jilly

  4. Hoping we get to see all those dishes in a upcoming post!! Gorgeous!! I have a weakness for dishes! I need a room just to house all the ones I want! HA!