Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Storm

On Sunday we had
another major storm blow in.
This one was an ice storm
with a bit of snow.

We lost our power on
Sunday and today it was restored


It has been
down in the teens.
This morning when
we woke up it was only 47 inside
Just a tad chilly
The cute engineer came
to the rescue though...
He tucked the dog in bed
with me, threw on a
few more covers
and then took a shower
so he could go to work
(Where, I might add they had power Hahaha!)

Tonight, while I am sitting here
all snugly warm and
drinking a lovely cup of coffee
there are many (thousands)
still without power.
Praying for them tonight.

Hope you are snugly warm tonight



  1. I have often wondered how you all cope with power outages when it is so cold and snowy. It must be terrible to be in a cold house especially if a person is old or sick. My prayers are with you all.

  2. I hope things warm up soon. I am praying the much warmer weather continue here, but I am sure we will see more white stuff. Be safe and stay warm. Blessings!

  3. Nancy, I love the photos. I can even see some blue sky in the first one. Glad you got your power back. We were without power for about 3 hours during our last wind storm. I read to Jonny by oil lamp. He says to tell you the story was called Beyond the Reef. Now he needs to get into the shower, or else.

  4. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................ We are actually in pretty much the same situation here in the Pacific Northwest. We don't often get snow....at least not a LOT when we do get it. We had about 3.5 inches last night where we are, but, a but further north they got 36"..... Because we don't get much here the folks don't know how to drive in it so there are lots and lots of crashes. My parents were actually both from Michigan so they knew how to handle it......

    Stay warm and I hope your power stays on! For us too, we have no fireplace or any other kind of heat.

    Warmest blessings!

  5. Oh brother...here we go again, huh? So sorry to hear about power outage....that is the one thing I really dislike about the storms. Glad you are back up and running.
    We are getting lots of rain right now and may change over to snow some. Drats! By next week though we are supposed to be back in 50-60's so hanging on to that thought! Just going to try to get through these next few days.
    Hope your snow clears out soon and you get sunny and warm!
    WARM blessings,

  6. Gosh,how cold must you be? Hope it melts soon and you get some sunshine, Love Helen