Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nothing But Blue Sky!

The blizzard has come and gone.
If you were here
the sounds
of snow plows, snow blowers
and children's laughter
would fill your ears.
Your eyes would see mounds
of beautiful white snow,
neighbors helping neighbors
and the most incredible blue sky!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself
to see if I am really living in such place!
Only God could take a cold and gray day
turn it into a blizzard
with blue sky as the cherry on top!

Enjoy your day!



  1. I truly hope the worst is over. Loved your comment about the cheery on top. God does have a way with surprising us.


  2. Yeah Nancy, blue skies is much better than white skies, lol stay warm, hugs my friend.

  3. Our skies are gray, some are black, misty rain is falling and in a few hours we will have sleet and ice. Dreary day outside, but the fireplace crackling and a good book cheers things up.

  4. Wow, you almost never get blue skies during winter. Glad everything turned out okay in your area!