Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enjoy Your Day

You know that saying...
I've fallen and I can't get up


No, I didn't fall but I have hurt my back
and I REALLY can't get up!
The cute engineer took me
to ER the other night
 we spent most of the night there with
lot's and lot's of test
they could not find a specific reason.
Could be kidney stones, could be a pulled muscle
could be a pinched nerve, could be.........
So....with all the meds they have given me
I have seriously slept for the last
two days and night.

I will be back when I can 
sit up for a minute or two
and type some coherent words.
Until then take care and enjoy your day!



  1. Ooh...not getting up is not a good thing! Have you considered a chiropractor? They have been an enormous help to me in the past.
    Meanwhile, I will pray for you....that is really the best medicine to take!

  2. I do understand back pain. Not fun at all. Mine comes and goes, and will as I was a runner for over 10 years.

    Hope your better soon.
    blessings, jilly

  3. So sorry to hear about your back. I experience back pain often....not a good thing. I hope and pray you feel better soon. At least you will be well rested...take care and rest easy. Blessings!

  4. Do you know how you hurt it? David once sprained his back badly by bending over to straighten Jonny's pant leg. I hope they will recommend some P.T. when you're feeling better to prevent further problems. How frustrating!

  5. I hope you get better soon. Hugs xx

  6. The only good thing about being incapacitated is that it gives you a whole lot of time to think! I am sure you will be better're covered with prayer.

  7. Oh praying for you sweet sister, I know having back problems is NO fun, hugs dear one, Barbara

  8. Hi Nancy, I guess we and others are having health problems. I have been in hospital with all kind of test and came home Thursday absolutely baffled. No real diagnosis.

    I do pray your back gets better soon. Nothing is worse than being down in your back.
    Sending love and prayers!

  9. Oh Nancy, I am sooo sorry to hear of this! Please know that I will be praying that this goes away!
    I have constant neck pain that I will probably have for the rest of my life, so I know what you mean!

    Take time to allow your body to work it out.
    Big Hugs,

  10. I hope you are getting better Nancy. Its no fun having back pain, be careful and take care.