Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sister Quilts

We're back home now
and life is good!

I meant to show you all these
quilts before we left for VA
but, time got away from me.
Does time ever do that to you?
Thanks so much for the well wishes
and prayers! My back is on the mend
 lots of tests are being done
 I am thankful not to be in so much pain!


Here are two quilts I just finished up.
One is for my sweet Aunt Sara
and the other for my Mom.
Both made out of the same fabric
but because of the technique in cutting
each is somewhat different.

Aunt Sara's


So there they are...
sister quilts.

Have a blessed day!!!



  1. Those kaleidoscope quilts look fantastic! I have never tried to do one.
    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hugs.

  2. Oh my they are so beautiful Nancy, I know they will love them, and you did such a wonderful job too, to have such talent, I would love to make one, would not know where to start even, hugs my precious friend, and glad you are feeling better too, I know all about pain, no fun at tall...Hugs dear, Barbara

  3. Beautiful quilts. My word, you are a prolific quilter. Of course, you don't have a Jonny at your house which makes a difference. I'm glad to have a Jonny though. Where else would we hear questions like, "What happens when you light an apple on fire?"
    I'm glad your back is stable and Lord willing one of those tests will reveal the problem.

  4. Hello Nancy~
    Glad you are home safe and sound. There is no place like home,
    Thank you for sharing your pictures,

    Your comment today was a blessing to me. I am up and around today and feeling better. I disinfected so I am hoping everyone else stays well.

    You have a wonderful evening~talk with you again soon!

  5. Your quilts are are beautiful! So glad you are feeling better with your back.

  6. Your sister quilts are georgeous..I think these are the best ones you've made so my eyes! They are very special. I don't know how you make them so fast..and with a sore shoulder..very clever. PS..I would love to know what your secret pleasures are!!!LOL..after saying we have so much in common!!

  7. Hi there, Absolutely beautiful! Thankful that you are continuing to get better.
    Have a exquisite weekend dear friend.
    Blessings, Noreen

  8. Stunning job. I'm so impressed with how you churn these quilts out so quickly. I've only made one and that was fun but I haven't made another one yet ;-)

  9. Nancy, it will be my great pleasure to take you fabric shopping at Cotton Capers and to eat at The Cozy Corner and to some nice local antique shops if you like. There is also bird watching at Freezout Lake and lots more. Rich said you would likely be coming to Montana sometime this year. Jonny will have his Nerf guns ready for Uncle Rich.