Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My New Project

Here it is
my new project.

sorry for the bad pic
oh...and do you see that
lovely green paneling?
It should be coming out
in the next month!
Can't wait.

Since I made my first quilt
just over a year ago


I have been wanting to
learn how to applique
and at long last
I found a class.
It's a whole new world.

Hope you are having a terrific day!



  1. Wow, it's amazing. I hadn't realized you've only been quilting for a year. You've accomplished great things in a short period of time. My neighbor, Stella, a quilter,is coming over tomorrow to see the quilt you sent us. She invited me to be a part of her quilting group, but I decided that it would take time away from painting and that would be frustrating to me. Instead I will enjoy seeing photos of yours!

  2. I love the colours you've used...I'd love to know how to applique properly too. I should look it up but have been a bit lazy I guess. Are you going to applique each square on the quilt? It should be beautiful.

  3. hi it looks so lovely, well done! jennyx

  4. What a great piece!! You go gal! I have a quilt...my first...that I started and never finished all sewn into blocks in my bottom drawer! One day I'll get around to it!!

    Thanks for popping by my new blog!! It's funny how so much change is happening at the same time for me...but I know it is all good!
    Have a wonderful day, Nancy!