Friday, March 11, 2011

She Says Cushion......I Say Pillow......

When I started this little blog
of mine I had no idea
that so many of you out there
would find it and read what I had to say.
I would just like to say


A while back I started commenting
on the blog Naturally Carol
Carol is so sweet, kind and very talented!
and is from Queensland Australia
and when the floods hit part of
her country she had such a sweet idea on how to help.
She started making cushions AKA...pillows
 for those who lost so much.
Now, many people have helped her by
 making cushions and sending them to her.
I too, wanted to help
so off to the quilt shop I went
(what a tough job but someone had to do it Ha!)
The girls and I picked a bit of fabric
and sent it on it's way.
She has taken that bit of fabric and
made some of the most adorable cushions!!!
Here's a peek of one she recently made

Isn't it CUTE!!!
I totally took this pic from her blog
I just couldn't help myself

If you have a minute stop by and
take a look see at all the wonderful
cushions and other things she has made.
You will be blessed.

Have a sweet week end!



  1. What a blessing these pillows will be to those that receive them. The picture is really neat.
    Is she still doing this?
    I think I will hop over to her blog and look around.

  2. I am honoured to have a generous friend like you Nancy..thank you.

  3. Beautiful fabric and pillows! So neat that you got to see it all made up!!

    Have a lovely Sunday, gal!!

  4. Anything homemade lends a certain comfort. This pillow is a charmer.