Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Heart Wednesday!

Especially today!

On Wednesday I start the day
on the phone with my friend
Mary (she lives in NJ)
We visit for a bit and
then we pray.

Such a sweet time!

and then I get to
end my day with some
of the most wonderful
second graders EVER!
We gather at church and
learn about our Lord.
My group is so diverse
we have some girly girls
some tomboy girls
some wall climbing boys
and some boys with such tender hearts.
What a privilege to be able to spend
some awesome time with these kids.

My cup overfloweth!

Tonight I was gifted with
these two little gems.

Tonight there was the
most incredible sunset
all orange and glowy!

To God be the glory!



  1. Sounds like a great day and such sweet gifts.


  2. Nancy, what a wonderful blessing to be able to teach young ones. After many years of working with those in addiction and in jail I really appreciate and pray for those who are teaching our children. Prehap instead of rehab. Teach them now and they will follow as they grow older. Thank you for all you do. Blessings!

  3. Awww...too sweet, Nancy! I know those little ones are so blessed by you! And their moms and dads, too!!

    Have a happy Friday!