Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Exciting News!

Last Friday we learned that our youngest daughter Jennifer was accepted to

Liberty University!

She LOVES history and plans on majoring in this subject.
One day she hopes to work in Colonial Williamsburg.

Way to go Jen!!!

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  1. Congratulations! What an exciting time. My son is a junior so we are just beginning the college hunt. He loves the Civil War and hopes one day to work for the FBI. We'll see what direction God leads him in.

  2. Amen that is great news, God bless you and may you learn all things in abundance, Hugs Barbara

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Jen!!! Off to college, pretty excitin....Moms son just graduated last Dec and now he is off for a Masters degree!!


  4. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very exciting and what a great accomplishment! Congratulations Jen!

  5. Hey Nancy...Thanks for checking on my planting day...It was great...I had a blast!! But I would have loved the help...you should see my nails!!!!!Oh my!! Great therapy...the dog and I all day!!
    CONGRATS to Jen!! Wow..that is so exciting and a little bittersweet for Momma. I had another one leave the nest last year...she'll be home for summer in a week. :0) I think we are having similar feelings as mommas lately. My son is 23 and he is still my baby boy!!!
    VERY sorry to hear that sad story about your neighbor's loved one. Tragic, tramatic, heart wrenching...how does a parent cope and get through it? Will definitely say a prayer. The beauty of prayer is that God listens and he knows when there is pain to be healed.
    I live in Kansas (south of KC). Great weather right now...lots of sunshine today!
    Have a great Wednesday...
    You are just having blessings upon blessings!! How wonderful!

  6. Nancy, Congratulations to your daughter..thats fantastic!

  7. GREAT NEWS~! Congratulations!!!!
    Hey, tell your daughter that Shelby Foote spent several days here and Grover just adored him! BRILLIANT! I'm so happy for her, what a life that will be! :)