Monday, May 24, 2010

The Scoop

Hello one and all!

Here's the scoop...

No photo's today as our computer is sick :(
I have very strict instructions not to use it until the cute engineer
(aka...cute hubby) can back things up and take it into the computer dr.

The weather has been soooooooo nice this week.
We have been plant'n fools around here!

Here's a list of what we have planted...

  • a rhododendron
  • a peony
  • a rose bush
  • 3 foxgloves
  • 3 hollyhocks
  • 2 columbine
  • 3 iris
  • a ladies mantel
  • one flat of snapdragons
  • one flat of petunias
  • one flat of impatience
  • three flats of mixed flowers
  • one flat of salvia
  • a flat of something Katie picked out and I can't remember the name :)
  • 3 dahlias
  • 45 gladiolas

~ not to mention all the veggies and various planters PLUS
we had 6 cubic yards of mulch delivered.
We are about 2/3 of the way done with placing it around.

Now, we get to enjoy!

Happy Plant'n!


  1. Oh you have been so very busy. I love planting. I too~have been busy planting too. I need to get some pepper plants put in the garden. I have seeds but I can't find any plants this year.
    Hope you are having a great start to your week!

  2. Your flowers sound great, yes we have been planting too, and I am so anxious to see them when the bloom, they are growing really quick and the rain yesterday sure helped too.
    Have a great day and wonderful week ahead,
    Hugs, Barbara♥

  3. Oh I wish I were a green thumb. I am doing better at planting than every before and that's NOT SAYING MUCH AT ALL! How much do you love peonies? I do not have any of my own, but I covet those that are planted in yards around me! I also HEART hydrangea! OH! MY SOUTHERN HEART just goes pitter pat at the sight! The house across the street is empty and they have a lovely bush that I am so tempted to just dig up and bring to my yard. That would be stealing though and Jesus would be none too happy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Greetings Nancy, All your plants sound lovely and you've got some that are my vege's-wow you certainly are busy. Have a wonderful afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. We are sooo different in this aspect. We can live vicariously through each other. I have already killed all three of my hanging plants from Mother's Day. It made me kind of sad. I will enjoy everyone's flowers around me. Little tidbit: Jim and I saw the most beautiful and bright rainbow on our way to Fargo. It spread color everywhere. Thinking of you :) Your friend Julie

  6. wow! the flowers sound amazing! we plant a few veggies and that's about it. neither I nor my hubs have a green thumb! :)

  7. I'm going on record to say I can't wait to see lots of pics of ALL those plants you planted!! OH MY!! You have been so busy. I hope your computer gets well soon so you will be back in business....
    Summertime is the best, huh? I get done with teacher's meetings on Friday then spend ALL of next week getting ready for a June 12 wedding. After the wedding, hubby and I are going to CO for a quick trip with his sister and husband. Then when we get home it's VBS time at church and that is all that's on the calendar!! Hoping to do lots of walking, reading, relaxing and ?????? How about you? Having those girls home is a blast huh?