Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I have been cutting out, piecing and sewing together this fabric.

I love them and I love that they will be sewn together to make a quilt that Jen will use to wrap around her, cover up with at night and
brighten her space at school.

While sewing today I have been able to talk to God about my sweet girl.

I am so thankful for prayer and that God hears our prayers!



  1. Such pretty fabrics for such a pretty girl!
    How wonderful for both of you that you are making her a quilt. FUN! Enjoy!!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. That fabric is beautiful!!! So cute! I can't wait to see the finished fun for you. I love to sew but not up to "quilting" yet!! I wish I could sit and watch you do it!
    Have a great weekend!! College graduation tomorrow! Will post later about it!

  4. Very Interesting - as always. I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  5. Can't wait to watch you do your magic! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt!!!!! I've been so busy lately, I've missed your blog, but enjoyed catching up tonite! I see you've been very BUSY!!!! But it's a good busy. XO