Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Notice

A few days ago we received notice from the Digging Commission of

"A Hole To No Where".

While they are very pleased with the work Libby has done for them,
they felt as though many of her attempts to find a short cut to

"A Hole To No Where"

just weren't going to make the cut.
The Digging Commission gave us permission to fill her failed attempts.

We thought that might be the end to her digging career, but much to our dismay they renewed her contract for another summer.

She was so happy and wasted no time in plotting out a new route.

Job well done Libby!


  1. Our doofus golden, Beau has had HIS contract renewed also. Kinda like the census takers...his work is seasonal, but it makes the unemployment numbers look better!

  2. That is an adorable post!! I laughed out loud. Now I realize it might not be too funny for you so I do have some sympathy, but it was great for "readers" on the outside! :) That is one precious pooch! Keep us posted on how the summer goes!! And I thought the moles in my yard were bad!